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Cloud Backup Services and Disaster Recovery

Do you want cloud backup services and recovery but not the headache and expense of managing a data center? Do you need desktop/laptop backup and security or an online backup disaster recovery solution you can count on? How about offsite replication that works with your on-premise data backup and recovery system? EVault® cloud backup services and recovery is all you need to know.

Cloud Backup Services and Recovery Offerings
EVault cloud backup services and recovery solutions will help you overcome bandwidth constraints and security risks reliably and economically. Leverage the world-class EVault cloud infrastructure for everything from online backup and offsite protection of your backup data to disaster recovery, Managed Services, and more.

EVault SaaS
Automatically back up desktop, laptop, and server data from across your organization to our ironclad cloud, and access it as needed—safely, efficiently, and easily, directly through the Internet, without additional capital or IT expenses.

EVault Endpoint Protection: Desktop/Laptop Backup, Recovery—and Security
Get the ulitmate in integrated desktop/laptop backup and security. Endpoint data lockdown ensures corporate control. Worry-free backup and self-service recovery promote mobile user independence. And IT gets more oversight with less overhead.

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Services
Quickly recover critical systems and then remotely access them from a secure, virtual environment. This cloud backup service and recovery solution extends our standard offerings to create integrated, bulletproof data protection and fast disaster recovery.

EVault Offsite Replication Service
Get affordable, efficient, ensured replication. EVault Offsite Replication Service creates a hybrid on-premise/cloud solution for quickly recovering data over the local area network (LAN) while also providing complete offsite protection against site disasters.


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