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Data Protection Software

EVault® data protection software ensures anywhere, anytime access to your critical business data so you'll easily meet service level agreements for data availability and retention. Comprehensive and cloud-connected (hybrid-ready), EVault data protection covers data backup, disaster recovery, and offsite replication software solutions.

What We Offer: Complete, Reliable, Hybrid-Ready Data Protection

Rely on EVault data protection for foolproof, cross-platform data backup, online backup, remote disaster recovery, real-time protection, vault- and subscription-based replication, bare metal restores, and more.

EVault Software: Our proven, disk-based backup and recovery software—whether used alone or extended by powerful companion products and plug-ins—is trusted for data protection by thousands of customers worldwide.

Data Backup Software Ensures Access to Critical Data

The best data backup software today? EVault® Software securely, efficiently, quickly, and reliably backs up virtual and physical systems, either onsite or via remote backup, and can seamlessly extend your IT infrastructure into the EVault cloud. Built for recovery, EVault data backup software ensures you can always access your critical data.

Your Data Backup Software Challenge

You need to protect a distributed, multi-platform infrastructure and meet tight service level agreements for data availability, recoverability, and retention.

Why EVault Software?
EVault data backup software rebuilds backups dynamically, so you never restore from multiple incremental backups. It's data backup software that backs up across multiple operating systems and platforms, and backs up and recovers critical data in individual databases, mailboxes, and cluster nodes.

Data Backup Software Details

  • End-to-end data security: EVault data backup software encrypts data before and during transmission; data remains encrypted in storage. After a restore,
    the backup data stays encrypted until your key holder enters the pass code.

  • Centralized, web-based management: Manage your backups through a secure, centralized interface, accessible from anywhere via a web browser. Ideal for simple data protection across networks, including remote offices.

  • Offsite protection: For complete disaster protection, mirror your backup data to a secure, offsite location with EVault Replication technologies.

  • Broad platform support: Unify data protection in a single solution that works across virtually every combination of platforms and applications.

The Essentials for EVault Software

EVault Software datasheet
EVault Advanced Security

Beyond Data Backup Software

Application Support
Protect your mission-critical applications and databases while they are online and running. EVault Software supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Cluster Services, and Oracle.

Companion Products
Our data backup software companion products address a comprehensive range of recovery requirements, including bare metal recovery, backup data replication, near-continuous data protection, and remote disaster recovery.

EVault Managed Services
Don't have the time or resources to design, implement, or manage your EVault backup solution? Don’t worry: You can hire the best team to do it for you. Ideal for mid-size and large enterprises with highly distributed and regulated environments, EVault Managed Services gives you complete control over your digital assets, ensures optimal data protection, and frees your in-house IT staff to focus on your core business.

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