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How EVault Backup Solutions Work

You may know EVault® disk-to-disk backup technology minimizes bandwidth usage, backup windows, and storage needs; ensures security, privacy, and regulatory compliance; and protects data from laptops to servers. But how does the backup technology work?

Initial Seed: The First Full Backup

For the first full backup, or initial seed, you can specify the most convenient days and times for data transmission over the wire. Alternatively, our backup technology lets you do a LAN-based transfer: we'll ship you a storage device; when the seed is complete, you ship it back.

  • First full backup compresses data by as much as 50 percent

  • Back-end deduplication further reduces the footprint by as much as 20%

  • Subsequent backups typically add only two percent new data
    (your mileage may vary)

Delta Backups and Other WAN Optimization Backup Technology
After the initial seed, EVault DeltaPro® backup technology finds and transmits only new or changed data blocks. EVault then dynamically builds virtual “synthetic full” backups. These delta backups work with adaptive compression, bandwidth throttling, and other WAN optimization backup technologies.

Quick File Scan—Patented backup technology rapidly scans files on every protected system or server to identify new or changed blocks.

Adaptive Compression—Shrinks transmitted data blocks by 40 – 90 percent, using the best compression algorithm based on available CPU and network bandwidth.

Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling—Controls bandwidth available for backup jobs, useful for frequent backups of critical data or for use in limited-bandwidth environments.

Enhanced CPU Utilization—Backup technology automatically splits backup jobs across multiple CPUs, freeing source-system processing power for other tasks.

Self Healing—A corrupted or missing delta index file doesn't stop EVault backup technology from identifying only new or changed blocks.

End-to-End Encryption: A Critical Backup Technology
EVault encryption protects backup data inside the firewall, as it travels over the wire—the connection is itself encrypted—and while the data is at rest. There are no “back door” decryption keys; only your key holder can supply the correct code.

Front-End Encryption—Prior to leaving the backup server, data is encrypted using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 128-bit or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Over-the-Wire Encryption—The backup and restore activity is encrypted, ensuring the security of transmitted data even over the Internet.

At-Rest Encryption
—Data remains encrypted while in the EVault top-tier rated and ISO-certified or SSAE 16-compliant data centers.

Efficient and Reliable Back-End Storage
Before storing your backup data, EVault backup technology identifies matching blocks across all files and eliminates duplicates. This back-end deduplication does not impact the backup window or performance; it can, however, reclaim 20 percent more storage space. EVault backup technology also automatically removes expired data blocks per your organization's retention policies.

Backup Technology for Single-Pass Restores
EVault backup data is instantly recoverable via a simple point-and-click, one-step restore process. How is that possible? Because EVault backup technology dynamically builds virtual “synthetic full” backups dynamically—as each backup job arrives at the Vault—and continually ensures the integrity of server backup data sets. Users can even restore their own data using the EVault CentralControl management console.

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